Why I’m in No Rush to Brand Myself

A few days ago I was organizing my blog schedule and planning out post ideas for the month of October when I had a realization. My blog isn’t a very accurate representation of who I am. I wanted it to be a style blog where I could post OOTDs and experiment with my clothes, but in the two years that this blog has been running, I’ve only posted one outfit! There are a few reasons for this:

  1. I don’t have a good camera
  2. I don’t have a photographer or a tripod
  3. I’m extremely awkward in front of a camera. Every time Daniel offers to take pictures for me we end up bickering over angles and lighting until we both get frustrated and end up with no material to work with.

I need to get over those excuses and find solutions to them if this is something I really want to do (and it is). But what IS my style? What do I want this blog to reflect?

I’ve always struggled with defining my style because in my mind it has no definition. I wear what I like and what looks good on me and that happens to be a wide range of styles. I draw inspiration from hippie-grunge, Parisienne chic, Steve Buschemi in Airheads (gotta love the 80s grunge vibe), Danny Masterson in That 70s Show (Hyde DEFINITELY had the best clothes), business-casual, normcore, and minimalism, and I wear it all. The only unifying thing being that I keep it a little edgy. I go for the styles that some people shy away from (4 inch platform boots? Count me in) and wear them with confidence. I’ve been doing this for as long as I remember. In high school I would be a cheerleader one day and punk the next (it’s not a phase mom!)

Seriously what is the point of defining your style if there are so many great clothes out there? I’ve heard that it’s very American to pick one style and stick with it. Apparently European women dress however they feel and it’s normal. Here if you suddenly show up to a get together wearing all black and dark makeup people will ask if everything is ok at home.

I guess my message to myself (and followers) is to knock it off! It’s ok to like what you like and like a lot of things. There’s so much pressure lately to brand yourself and your blog as quickly as possible so you can reach the target audience, but I say enough! Create your self, not an image of yourself you want on the internet. I think individuality is what ultimately sets you apart in the end.

I spend a lot of time looking at other women on Instagram and trying to recreate their outfits or makeup looks because I think they’re beautiful. But the reason why I think they’re so beautiful is because they’re doing something unique that ends up being totally their own. Why not apply that logic to my life? I should indulge in the things I like and let my own style develop from them.

Below is a moodboard of some of my many style inspirations

I guess in the end I’ll always feel a little bit like Zoolander in this scene

But that’s ok. I have plenty of time to find out.

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