The Allegory of the Tortoise and the Hare – A Lesson in Mindfulness and Intention

Huh? Why would you write about an Aesop, Sierra? What does that have anything to do with this blog? Everyone knows this story because we learned it as children. Slow and steady wins the race! Right? That’s the cliche we’ve had hammered into our brains since we first heard the story.

In a conversation with an English professor I came to realize there’s a lesson in mindfulness to be found in this short story than we aren’t initially taught.

The story says a lot about focus, rather than pacing or even hard work.

Rabbit’s focus was on Turtle the entire race. Because he perceived Turtle to be too slow, he didn’t pay attention to actually winning. He assumed he had it. Turtle, on the other hand, completed the race without even thinking of Rabbit because his only objective was to finish.

One’s focus was on the competition, the other’s focus was on the goal.

Think about areas in your life where you focus on your competitors rather than your goal.

I know for sure I’m guilty. I feel so bad about seeing my friends graduating University and me struggling through undergrad that I’m not even thinking about what I need to do to get there. I spend too much time consuming blogs and not enough time producing my own content so someday I too can have a following.

What a waste of time! All that time spent comparing yourself to others could be spent making things happen for you. Decide what your goals are. Decide to move towards them. Decide to focus on them for yourself and allow yourself to be amazed by the results you get.

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