Autumn Lip Color Update – The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid

It’s definitely not like me to do makeup hauls. I’ve obviously been trying to reduce the amount of stuff in my life so purchasing every new product on the market just to have it is not high on my priority list. However, I still love makeup. I use makeup as a creative outlet because I dress simply.

Since being in London and experiencing the first real autumn of my life, I felt my makeup needed a seasonal update. People here dress much more reserved than at home so I wanted colors that were rich but not too attention grabbing. Also my skin is like four or five shades lighter! None of my makeup matches and my old lipsticks, blushes, bronzers—everything looks terrible on my current skin tone. I can’t believe how pale I got in such a short amount of time.

Anyways, I didn’t know The Body Shop had makeup. It’s not a store I shop at back in the United States. I just though it was a really expensive store for fancy lotions, but here in the U.K. it’s considerably cheaper than at home. For example, a foundation here costs £15. The same foundation sells for about $30 usd!

In my search for affordable lipsticks I decided to try these out. These are the four colors I picked up (from left to right): Crete Carnation – peachy nude, Windsor Rose – nude brown, Tahiti Hibiscus – berry red, and Mauritius Dahlia – a deep wine. Each sells for £6.

Just looking at the tubes makes them look really similar so here are some swatches in the same order, top to bottom:


The packaging and even the way they wear is VERY similar to Nyx’s Soft Matte Lip Creams. I’ve had a few of the Nyx ones but I find the formula of these is far more comfortable and they stay put longer.

The formula is scented and smells really sweet. Each one goes on a little uneven. It takes a couple of layers to smooth out any patchiness, but in the swatches above you can see that they even out when applied slowly. The formula sets after a few minutes and doesn’t feel sticky like a lip gloss. I haven’t had any problems with bleeding or feathering even without a lip liner.

These are not transfer proof! If you try the smooch test they will come off. However, I consider these long wearing. Mauritius Dahlia lasted an entire night of clubbing and drinking with only minor touch ups. The others also held up well during daily activities. Drinking water and even eating a hamburger didn’t do much to the color. I am a little disappointed with Crete Carnation because it doesn’t last nearly as long as the others.

I LOVE how soft these stay the entire day. My lips are perpetually dry no matter how much chapstick I use. I was desperate to find a liquid matte lipstick that didn’t make my lips look crumbly and disgusting so when I tried one of these, I immediately went back and bought three more. Even after hours and hours of wear my lips weren’t flaking or crusty in the slightest. I can actually attain the soft velvety look you’re supposed to get with liquid mattes!

In these photos Crete Carnation and Windsor Rose look almost the same. Windsor Rose is much more brown but on my lip color they look alike.

I think these are fantastic lipsticks for £6. That’s about as much or even less than a drugstore lipstick costs! Unfortunately they don’t have a huge range of colors to choose from but they have all the basics covered. I just wish they made a red that was a little bit deeper. Tahiti Hibiscus is a beautiful blue based red, but the next shades in the range are bright orange or purple. Not a lot of red options.

What’s your favorite liquid matte now that almost every brand makes them? And how do you keep your lips from drying out? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you

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