What I Want My Simplified Life to Look Like

Boy have I neglected this blog. I have been making huge strides in my recovery so I haven’t had the time or the inspiration to write anything. I’m just here to update you all a little on my life!

It’s time again to reevaluate my minimalist aspirations and make sure my life is headed where I want it to go. I heard recently that happiness is not a destination, but points we pass through as we go about our lives. It’s our goal to make sure we hit those targets as life moves along.

As most people know, one of the basic elements of the Law of Attraction is to visualize the life you want and then be grateful as if it is happening now. Up until lately I’ve had pretty poor visualization skills. I think depression really took that away from me. I finally see a future for myself again and it’s exciting!

Back to minimalism: when I say I want to be a minimalist, I really mean I want a clean living space. I grew up in a family of hoarders. Even though my parents worked hard to make sure we didn’t have a hoarder house, our home was still filled with so many things. Every wall and flat surface is filled with memorabilia, photos, souvenirs, you name it. It’s also not unusual for a closet bar to collapse in our house because of the weight of all the clothes hanging on it!

I have known for a long time that I do NOT want my living space to be like the one I grew up in. I knew I wanted less stuff. I saw my parents spending so much time, money, and effort maintaining their stuff and I didn’t want to spend my time on that. So in June 2015 I did my first closet purge and I think I did a pretty good job. At that time, I reduced my stuff by half and a few months later, by half again. By the time I left for London I was proud of myself for how few things I owned.

But the stuff slowly crept back in. I didn’t dig up the root of my problem (too much shopping) so I ended up back to the cycle of buy-purge-buy-purge-repeat. It was so wasteful. I cried watching the documentary The True Cost because I was overwhelmed by how much waste I had already generated and how wasteful my habits really were.

I realized I wasn’t meeting my minimalist aspirations when I tried to do yoga and opened my eyes after meditation to see this mess.

It was stressful! I thought, how can I enter a zen state of mind in this environment? I keep calling myself a minimalist but I live like this? This is beyond messy minimalism, to me, it’s wasteful and excessive!

That night I kon-maried the heck out of this area of my room and the result is quite pleasing:

Now just to clean the spilled paint off the floor.

Also dig the new fiddle-leaf fig tree!

If only I could apply this enthusiasm to the rest of my life.

But how to define a simple life? In order to visualize it, I need an idea of what I actually want. You see all over pinterest people blogging about the perks of a simple life, but what is simple to one person isn’t for another.  My life is already pretty slow. I work a slow paced job, I take school slowly so I can do well, I sleep a LOT. But there is always room to be cleared for more important things.

Some of my simple living goals are:

  • To get my inbox down to zero and have a manageable number of emails coming in daily.
  • Stop watching Netflix completely and instead pick up old hobbies such as playing violin, reading, and painting.
  • Daily walks outside.
  • Zero credit card debt.
  • A short commute to work.
  • A job where I can help people lead better lives.
  • Time freedom.
  • To learn to grow edible plants.
  • Work towards living zero-waste.
  • Only buy ethically sourced food and clothes.
  • To find my own aesthetic and decorate my living space. I’m personally not a fan of mid-century modern minimalism. I’d love to have a place filled with light and plants, and open white spaces for gathering friends, being creative, and meditating.

Most importantly, I can simplify my life by not buying so much stuff. I know it’s obvious, but it’s perhaps even harder than letting go of things. It’s easy to get excited and want to do it all at once: zero waste, ethical shopping, plastic free living, use it all up challenges, but it’s impossible to do. In order to simplify my life I need to slow down and do one thing at a time. And that needs to be to stop accumulating more stuff I don’t need.

I need to keep repeating the affirmations: I have enough! My needs are taken care of!

Until next time!

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