Morphe 12P Picasso Palette Swatches and Review

So by now you guys have seen me use and talk about this palette in several of my posts. I was first drawn to this palette because of it’s beautiful bright colors; it looks like a watercolor artist’s palette! I’m sorry this review took a long time. I wanted to make sure I got the swatches and videos needed to fully express my opinion of this palette.

This palette is currently on sale for $14.99 (half off from it’s regular price of $29.99) on the Morphe Brushes website.


The website describes this palette as follows:

Introducing the new ‘PICASSO PALETTE’ from our new ‘PICK ME UP’ Collection.

Dimensions of Palette:

Length: 3 3/4″
Width:4 3/4″
Thickness: 1/2″

Number of Pans: 12
Pan Size:1″ x 1″

When I first opened it, I noticed it was really tiny and light even though it came in a huge box filled with packing peanuts. It comes in plastic packaging and feels pretty flimsy and cheap.

Here are my swatches of this palette on my arm using my finger and no primer. In my opinion, four of these shades are duds: the white, yellow, red, and navy blue suck. Even when applied over primer, they’re not very pigmented and they’re really chalky. The dark green, purple, and black are alright. They’re not as smooth as I want them to be which is a disappointment, especially since I love the green color. I’ll have to look for a better dupe.

The orange, pink, purple, light green, and light blues are the most pigmented and are all very smooth.


When swatched with your fingers, these colors look great. You can look up any number of pictures of arm swatches from this palette, but the amount of pressure applied using your fingers on your arm is not the same as a brush on your eye. Therefore the pigmentation will be completely different than what you see in these swatches. I wanted to share this with you guys because I haven’t seen any images online of these shadows applied with a brush. Below are two short videos of the lime green and red swatched using both my finger and an eyeshadow brush to show the difference. I picked these colors because I wanted to show a good color and a dud color. I think the lime green is one of the better colors on this palette even though it looks barely there when applied with a brush, it builds well over primer.

I think  the red is one of the worst colors on this palette because of how chalky it is. In this video, you can see how powdery it is. When applied with a brush, you really have to try hard to build up the color. And it’s not a true red, it has a pink undertone.


My thoughts on this palette and Morphe as a company:


  • Four of these shades suck. One-third of the palette! When I buy a palette I want the whole thing to work. The shades I mentioned above are very chalky and lack pigmentation.
  • There is a LOT of fallout when using this palette. Every shade kicks up a lot of dust. When using this palette be sure to do your eye makeup first so you don’t get all the colors smudged under your eyes.
  • This video explains how Morphe cosmetics are just private label Crown Cosmetics, so if you’re looking to save a little bit of money you can buy directly from Crown.
  • I’m really wary of all these new makeup companies popping up thanks to the industry surge caused by social media. In an interview with a magazine (explained in the Youtube video) Morphe Brushes founders explained how they became successful by using social media and influencers (i.e. us. Bloggers, youtubers, instagrammers, etc.). If you look around on youtube, instagram, or anywhere else there are no negative reviews of Morphe palettes They don’t exist. After learning that their cosmetics are repackaged I feel like I’ve been swindled. I know it’s common in the cosmetics industry for companies to rent out their factories to other companies, and there are few chemists developing makeup formulas but I don’t like companies misleading customers (especially young women on social media) through calculated marketing (though I know this is how most companies operate).


  • For a $15 palette, the pigmentation and staying power of these eyeshadows is pretty good. Two-thirds of the colors are really pigmented and blend out really well.
  • The colors that aren’t very pigmented (such as the yellow), work well as transition shades BECAUSE they’re not too bright and blend well.
  • If you want to experiment with brighter colors without dropping $50 on a really expensive palette, this is a really good option.
  • If you’re looking to add a little bit of color to your life without going completely crazy, this is a good choice because the colors are somewhat muted, making them functional for everyday wear. You don’t have to go to an event to wear these colors, you could easily work them into your daily makeup.
  • This palette is really versatile because it offers a good range of colors.

Here’s some looks I did with this palette so far, you’ll probably see many more in the future. Even though I have some hesitations about this palette, I find myself reaching for it all the time when I want something colorful.


To sum things up: this is a good palette for beginners who want to work with color or people who want bright colors that aren’t too extreme. If you’re looking for really bright, shocking colors, skip it and save up for better pigments.

Do you love Morphe as much as the beauty community does? Do you recommend a neutral Morphe palette like the 35O? Would you like to see some wearable looks with pops of color for spring? Talk to me in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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  • I really need a palette for colorful shadows i thougt of buying morphe 35o and 12p to have a whole set of both colorful and other required shades to make almost every kind of look. Your review is the only negative review i found. I don’t really have a lot to spend as i am an unemployed student. Shall i then buy morphe 35o and for colors maybe urban decay electric palette? I dont know a lot about makeup, is urban decay same like morphe? Shall i not buy morphe 35o even? Please suggest me. Thanks.

    • Both the 35o and 12p are great palettes to have for an inexpensive but diverse eyeshadow collection. I put the negatives about this palette first, but overall I think it’s a solid palette. The only colors I really dislike here are the black and white (but the 35o has a better black I think). If you use a primer you can build these colors up to make them really really bright! If you’re experimenting with colors, I recommend the morphe palettes. If you’re more committed or drawn to the Electric palette it is worth the investment. Urban Decay palettes are expensive, but they’re bright and easy to blend.

      Personally, I bought the 12p to start with and as I started using more color I bought brighter shadows one at a time. And you can’t go wrong with the 35o. It’s a favorite for a reason. I too am a student with a tight budget so I totally get it!