Making Changes

GRAINSometimes I get overwhelmed by the number of ideas in my head. I am the definition of a Paralyzed Procrastinator: tons of good ideas, but no idea where to start. Usually this means I get nothing done.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what kind of content I’d like to write about on here and have been writing down the ideas as they come. Unfortunately, this has resulted in dozens of post-its scattered around my desk, room, and car. I finally took the time this week to collect all of these ideas into one cohesive document so I can manage them and create posts in a timely manner. I would love to have regularly scheduled posts 3 times a week, but I get anxious about researching and writing posts so I put it off. I feel like the time is getting away from me and that I could really grow my blog if I put in the work. I have said before that time will continue to pass and you can either sit back and be constantly shocked at how much of it has flown by, or you can jump on and live a proactive life.

This blog started with the intention of being a lifestyle blog, but has turned into mostly beauty reviews. I love talking about beauty products and I love reading reviews, but I would like to incorporate other things I’m passionate about on here as well. Meditation, mindfulness, and minimalism are all very important parts of my life that have helped me through the worst parts of my depression. I know a huge amount of people suffer from anxiety and depression and I would love to share the things that have helped me with those seeking to help themselves. (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and will not be giving medical advice. Do NOT stop taking any medications prescribed to you by your physician unless directed by your physician to do so. Any mindfulness and meditation techniques are to be used in addition to seeing your doctor.)

For all the beauty lovers that follow me, fear not. I will still be posting reviews, makeup (possibly the 100 days of makeup challenge!), and beauty related how-to’s.

I also have a fun travel announcement! I will be posting a lot about it in the upcoming months, but I’m going to keep it to myself until everything is solidified. (:

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    • Yes! I keep a “good idea notebook” with me at all times and I jot down ideas as they come to me. It also gives me space to map out how I want posts to look. It’s just a matter of actually sitting down and typing them out… it’s so daunting sometimes to look at a big long list of ideas and not know where to start

  • wow defo think I am a paralyzed procrastinator- who knew there was a term for it but that sounds like me! I too get so overwhelmed with all my ideas and my mind constantly running so it’s good to write and get it out! Mindfulness has helped me learn techniques to calm my mind down and bring my attention back to the present and that massively helps with my anxiety! Really looking forward to reading your posts and upcoming posts on beauty reviews as I enjoy seeing what works for others before purchasing myself! Happy blogging 🙂

    • I didn’t know there were categories of procrastinators either haha. If you click the link, the Unstuck website actually has a lot of helpful tips on how to manage different types of procrastination. It helps to know what type you are. Obviously I procrastinate, but saying “Just do the work!” doesn’t help at all. Reading about it and understanding what’s going on in your mind actually helps you understand what kind of plan you need to make to get things done. And thank you so much for the follow! I look forward to your posts as well!