London, Baby! (and a Domain Change)

I have some good news to share! First of all, as the title of this post suggests I will be spending this fall studying abroad in London for three months! I paid my program fees and all that is left is to purchase a plane ticket. I will be staying with a family during my time there and studying political science and art history. I’m so blessed to have this opportunity to branch out of my comfort zone and take time for myself. Much of my college experience hasn’t gone the way I had hoped because life happens and I have all sorts of obligations weighing me down. Aside from being able to see the world and meet new people, I will get to spend three months entirely focused on school. I’m nervous and excited and I almost can’t  believe it. I’ll believe it’s true once I’m actually there…

its london baby

A second thing! I mentioned before that this was coming: I made the (very long, tedious, expensive, boring) switch from to a self-hosted site! My domain is now

I’ve wanted to change it for the longest time but was waiting for my premium subscription to expire. I spent a lot of time this weekend working on transferring all of my info and I’m so happy with the result. Check out the snazzy new layout too~ For all of you coming from Pinterest or other sites, don’t worry. Everything should redirect without a problem.

I am still in the process of banging out the details of this layout since I’m new to this whole self-hosting business. But this opens a lot of doors for me and my site. In the coming weeks I plan on launching a newsletter for email subscribers and fleshing out the “about” pages (such as disclaimers, etc.).

I plan on fleshing out a lot of things on this blog, particularly posts about mindfulness and minimalism while continuing to share my love for all things beauty related.

Have an awesome week my friends!

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