Lime Crime Teacup and Alien: Swatches, Review, and Dupes


alien teacupFor those of you who are Lime Crime fans or just fans of bright lipsticks, you’ve probably been anticipating this spring release. The instant I got the email that these were available, I bought them because I was in love with the colors and the idea that they glow under a black light. How awesome would that be? Especially for festivals and clubs?

My package came in this weekend! Lime Crime recently released four colors as a part of their spring collection: Zenon (Metallic Gold), Flamingo (Bright Pink), Teacup (Black light Reactive Periwinkle), and Alien (Black light Reactive Green). Alien and Flamingo have been available for about two weeks, and the other two launched last Wednesday. I knew I wanted Alien, but I put off buying it because I didn’t want to pay twice for shipping. I considered getting Flamingo, but I need to save money. I skipped Zenon because I’m not that impressed by the current metallic-matte lip trend… But here are all four for you to see, in case you haven’t seen them yet.

LC SPring 16

These are all pretty exciting! Lime Crime says on it’s website that it introduces “radical colors to the market,” but has been releasing mostly nudes and reds for a while now. Every so often they’ll throw in a weird color like Cement or Peacock, but I’m pretty sure their  best sellers are the more wearable neutrals. I can get neutral colors anywhere, so I try to pick colors from them that stand out.

Here are the two that I bought swatched in natural light (left) and indoors (right). If it helps give you an idea of what the colors look like, I wear MAC NC30 foundation.


Also it might help to show you what they look like on my face.

So pretty, right? Let’s get into the review.



Both Alien and Teacup are described on their website as “Long lasting matte liquid lipstick that glows under black light.”


I was pretty nervous about buying a periwinkle shade of lipstick thinking it would look too light and weird on my skin, but Teacup is surprisingly flattering on every skin tone I’ve seen it swatched on so far. It’s also surprisingly… wearable. I may have a different definition of “wearable” than others, but this color is something I’d actually wear during a regular night out. Weird lipsticks are in right now, especally blues, and while a bit unusual, they’re pretty easy to match with other makeup.

Teacup has a thicker formula than the other velvetines even though it’s not as opaque.  It takes several layers to get the color on evenly. This formula will also instantly settle into cracks in your lips. I try to fix this by smiling while applying it, and continuing to smile until it dries so it won’t crack later on. This is transfer-proof but I don’t consider it long wearing. It’s better than Alien, but will definitely need to be touched up throughout the day.






Oh boy, where to start with this color. I love how this looks online and in photos but in real life this color is chalky and neon and looks awful on my skin. This would be an awesome color if it wasn’t matte; I think it would be a gorgeous glossy lipstick. I think the matte formula is where everything about this color went wrong. I am so disappointed in the formula. Alien is really watery and runny and flakes off MUCH more than any other Velvetine I own.

I was going to upload a gif of the smooch test but WordPress is acting up and won’t let me post it. This formula is transfer-proof and won’t come off on the back of your hand, but it is not long wearing.

I’m just going to put all the photos below so you can see what a mess this formula is.


This second photo was taken minutes after taking the first picture above! I had to reapply this lipstick several times while trying to get photos of it because it kept flaking off. Look how patchy and horrible that is! That is what lipstick should look like after 8 hours, not 5 minutes.

Here I have Teacup and Alien swatched next to Cupid. This photo was taken after about 15 minutes and you can see Alien has begun to flake off.

Overall Thoughts

I have reviewed Lime Crime’s Velvetines before in my review of the True Love trio, where I expressed how much I loved the formulas of those three. The formulas of these two are definitely different from my much loved Cupid and True Love. For starters, these kind of stink like plastic and chemicals. The other Velvetines I own smell like a dream; just a hint of vanilla with no weird other scents.

Secondly, because they’re so pastel, they flake off and crack easily. This may be a deal breaker for some people, but I’ve talked to some women who love the colors so much they’ll power through it.

Finally, Lime Crime claims these colors are black light reactive, which is part of why I bought them, but when tested with a black light at home I got no reaction. The photo below is the best I could do. I guess these sorta show up under a black light if you’re really close, but they definitely don’t glow.




So far I haven’t seen anyone find exact dupes of these shades because they’re so neon, but there are some that are pretty close. If you don’t already follow @DupeThat on Instagram, I will link them below. They are probably the best resource for finding lipstick and eyeshadow dupes.


My final thoughts on these two? SKIP THEM. Lime Crime Velvetines are amazing but these two probably aren’t worth your money. If you love Teacup and must have it, I’d say go for it, but Alien is terrible and I want to see if I can return it. I hate returning makeup, but I also don’t like paying $20 for a lipstick that I can’t even wear because it flakes off after five minutes.

Have you purchased any of these colors from LC’s spring launch? Did you have better luck with them? Let me know in the comments! Also follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin~

These lipsticks are available for $20 USD each on The products reviewed in this post were purchased by me. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  • I honestly admire girls who can wear any colour on their lips. I feel weird even just wearing a red lipstick haha. That blue is awesome on you!! The quality is very disappointing tho, I haven’t tried anything from LC but the scandal put me off anyway.

    • Thank you! For the longest time I stayed away from red lipstick because I thought it made me look like a clown or a little girl who got into her mom’s makeup. I think as you go along and learn better techniques for balancing out your makeup and learn more about yourself you’ll become more comfortable stepping outside your comfort zone. It’s a continuous journey of self improvement. Of course not everyone even wants to wear colors like blue and green but if it’s something you want to do but are a little shy I’d say go for it.

      • It seems like the general consensus is that Jeffree Star and Lime Crime are the best liquid-matte lipsticks on the market especially for unusual colors. But both companies do have a few colors and batches that don’t turn out right. I don’t own any JS lipsticks either, but they’re on my wishlist for sure.