June 2016 Favorites and Mid-Year Resolutions

I don’t often do monthly favorites posts (and I may have even deleted my old ones…) but I’ve been pretty inactive and have some cool things to share from my absence. Also I wanted to take some time to review my New Year’s resolutions (yeah, remember those?) now that we’re halfway through the year. But we’ll get into that below!

Monthly Favorites

My Favorite things from June!

I haven’t had the time to delve into many beauty products this month due to money and time constraints. I haven’t been wearing makeup and I never go through products very quickly anyways. I did however find some new and mostly inexpensive


June Beauty Faves

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Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Brush – I was hesitant to buy this because I’m not someone who buys a lot of drugstore products anymore. I definitely don’t mind when people do, it’s just not for me! I was in Walgreens getting ice cream with Daniel when I saw this for only $1 so I went for it. Oh my GOSH this is the softest eyeshadow brush I own. Including those from Sephora, Shiseido, Estee Lauder, Sonia Kashuk, and ELF. I was looking for an eyeshadow brush that wasn’t so scratchy and this is it. Only downside: the bristles aren’t very dense. It’s best for lightly packing on neutral colors, but not great for blending.

Sephora Pore Cleansing Pad – This awesome little guy is $6 at Sephora and is great for people with large pores or seemingly permanent blackheads. It’s gentle enough to use every day (no harsh scrubs) and really massages gunk out of your pores leaving your skin soft and smooth. I seriously threw out my Clarisonic brush once I started using this. I feel like it’s way more effective at smoothing out my skin.

Nyx HD Finishing Powder in Mint Green  – Nyx products are always a hit or miss, but it’s so sweaty here in California that I desperately needed a setting powder to control my nose and forehead oil so I picked this up at Target. It’s a bit expensive for Nyx at $10 USD but I couldn’t be happier with the results. The green is made for color correcting but it doesn’t do much to neutralize redness, and if you put on too much it makes your skin look gray. It is great at controlling oil without making your makeup look cakey. Apply lightly to avoid cakiness! This powder is really fine so you need a light hand. It’s easy to accidentally overdo it.

June Faves Z Palette
Z-Palette (with MAC $6 pans and Makeup Forever shadows) – Finally a palette that fits my personality! I can collect all of my favorite bright colors in one place so I have my brights here to compliment my neutral Chocolate palette. It’s not complete as I haven’t had the time to carefully depot all of my other favorite bright colors, but that just leaves space to build this one up. My newest colors are Makeup Forever’s Watermelon (upper left), and MAC Embark, Cork, Aquadasiac (bottom row) and Lime (light green, top row). I’m not sure if I’m wild about MAC’s eyeshadows but I haven’t tried them out mostly because they’re expensive and I’m not that interested in any of the colors. Recently they’ve been selling these little pans for $6 so you can customize your own palette and I’m pleasantly surprised at the pigmentation and blendability. They’re really buttery almost to a fault. You can see in the picture that I’ve accidentally nicked most of them with my fingernails. Derp…

Revisiting New Year’s Resolutions

Do you remember your resolutions for this year? Probably not lmao. I completely forgot about mine until like three weeks ago when I decided to check what they even were. I always try to improve throughout the year whether or not it’s January 1st. But checking in periodically is how you stay on course.

January Resolutions I Completed:

Dress better – I have hacked away at my closet for the past year revealing the masterpiece inside. I now own about 38 items (excluding undergarments and socks) and I’ve never been happier with my closet. I’ve been using my Stylebook app to keep track of the clothes I wear, and I only repeated an outfit once in June. This app may be a bit tedious to set up, but is a ton of fun and is like a game. It feels good seeing that I actually use the things I have. It’s amazing how versatile only 38 items can be; I still have dozens of outfits I haven’t worn. I plan on doing a walk through of my new minimal closet discussing how and why I let go of so many things.

Whiten teeth – As I mentioned before, I finally bought Whitestrips and used them a few times. Holy SH** they’re powerful! I only used them four times and I’m so happy with the current whiteness of my teeth. Downside: they make your teeth crazy sensitive so you have to buy the sensitivity strips along with the product.

Meditate more – I’m so happy with how this habit is developing. At time of writing I am on a 44-day streak and I meditated every day in June! I’ve started meditating for long sessions. from 20-30 minutes up to an hour. I’ve entered deep states of consciousness that I can’t describe because they feel beyond words. But I feel very healthy and at peace and I feel connected to the divine throughout my day. My four years of effort are starting to show.


Mid-Year Resolutions

  • Study hard, kick ass. It’ crunch time when it comes to fluffing up my transcript for transfer!
  • Handle UC Applications – the time has come. This October I’ll be submitting some UC applications!
  • Invest more time in my relationship with Daniel. We’ve been going through a very long rough patch that I want to get out of. Both of us are really distracted, busy and overwhelmed with summer school, work, friends and family responsibilities. We both definitely need to spend more time present with each other instead of laying in bed silently while playing on our phones.
  • Keep reading and developing my spiritual practice. Sometimes I get so lazy my spiritual studies fall by the wayside. I need to commit to reading even just five minutes before sleeping.
  • Use it all up challenge – Somehow I’ve accumulated 5 shampoos, 4 conditioners, 2 lotions, 6 face washes and 4 cans of sunscreen. As a minimalist, I am ashamed at my mindless purchasing. I’ve been working at this for a few weeks but still have a long way to go. I guess this is also about focusing more on mindful consumption.
  • Study Korean – Still on here for the same reason. I want to connect with Daniel’s family and I must make time a few times a week to study my textbooks.
  • Wear makeup 4x a week – Makeup is never a requirement for me, but I definitely feel good about myself when I spend 10 extra minutes putting it on. I’d like to get into the routine of getting ready in the morning instead of just getting dressed and leaving.
  • Do SOME sort of exercise 3x a week – 

This blog will also have a domain name change in the next few months (around mid-August). I’m changing it from my name to something else. In the meantime, it will still be sierrakealani.wordpress.com but you can google my name or Floundering Adult if you get lost! There are some cool changes happening to this blog very soon! I promise that even though I’ve been gone a long time I’ve been planning new things.

Have you abandoned your New Years Resolutions or are you still chipping away at them? Let me know what your intentions are for the second half of the year! Happy July and have a safe holiday to my American readers!

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