July 2017 Beauty Additions and August No-Buy

I don’t know why it feels like I went a little nuts buying makeup this month. I went to gather all of my new additions and it ended up being only five items. It’s still a lot considering they’re almost all palettes!

I will be doing a no-buy in August to try and ease up on my spending habits. Plus lately I’ve been thinking about how I’d much more easily describe myself as “messy” rather than “minimalist” and I’d like to change that around. My daily makeup routine is pretty minimal and I’ve been working away at panning a few items I’d like to get out of my collection. I’ll do a separate post on those this month. I actually have a few beauty related posts I’d like to get up this month so stay tuned my fellow beauty lovers!

July Additions

Wet N Wild Contouring Palette and Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals

Honestly, these were impulse buys. I went to the drugstore to buy the Physicians Formula Eclipse bronzer (I’ll be travelling to see the eclipse in about a week!) and walked out with these instead. However, I am excited for both of these and I definitely have use for them.

I easily see myself panning the yellow powder on the left. It’s a great color for setting my makeup under my eyes and the yellow color helps neutralize my rosacea. I’m not too happy that it’s already forming a film over it though… I hate when you have to scrape the tops off of powdered products – such a waste! The dark powder on the right is better for dramatic contouring. For my skin, it’s a little dark for everyday use.

As for the highlighter, I do use it for daily highlighting. I love having a nice, neutral colored highlighter. Plus this is a really buildable formula. You can be subtle and natural or pack it on for an otherworldly glow.

These are my first Wet n Wild purchases ever (except for a brush a few months back) and I’m pleased with them! I really believe that the internet has forced drugstore makeup companies to step it up with their product quality in the last few years.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit

This month I’ll admit I’ve been obsessed with highlighting. I know I’m like, three years late to the highlighting party but it took me that long to finally figure out how to get my oily skin under control. Before, my oily skin plus glowy highlighter equaled a crusty mess. But now I’ve fine-tuned my dehydrated skin and I love adding highlighter!

This particular glow kit is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I had an Anastasia glow kit before (that I passed on to a friend. See why here) that was four different warm-toned highlighters. I decided after studying my Instagram likes that I really love that super dramatic otherworldly glow given off by colored highlighters. I wanted a highlighting palette that had both neutral, daily highlighters and dramatic blue or purple shades. So far my favorite color is Helia! I didn’t think I’d like the green at all, but it actually appears as a copper color on my skin.


Juvia’s Place Zulu and Saharan Palettes

I had been waiting for the Zulu palette to restock for a while. You guys know how much I love bright unusual makeup.

There are a lot of Sugarpill dupes in the Zulu palette. From top left, there are dupes for Flamepoint, Buttercupcake (top left), Mochi (center left), and Kitten Parade (bottom left). I will be doing an in-depth review post for the Zulu palette that will include information on all the dupes.

Both of these palettes fill a lot of gaps I had in my collection. I will admit I was a little bummed when I realized how many of the Saharan shadows were shimmery or metallic until I actually swatched it. These shadows are so unbelievably soft! Also, no pictures do the Saharan justice. I was drawn in by the neutral-metallic, tribal feel to these shadows but these are so bright and pigmented. Wodaabe is the most gorgeous, in-your-face gold shadow I’ve ever seen. By far my favorite color in the palette. I look forward to using Sokoto, Jamila, Lulu and Zoya as I think they’re the most wearable shades.

August No-Buy

The only exception I’ll make is if I actually run out of something (E.g. eyeliner, shampoo), but I should be set for the month beauty-wise. There are still a few things I’ve been eyeing for a while:


ABH Subculture

Honestly, this one is a matter of time until I buy it because I loooooove the greens. I’m stoked that greens are in season this year! This palette is as if Pantone made their fall predictions into eyeshadows and I’m living for these colors.

I am going to force myself to wait until it’s actually closer to Autumn to buy this. Two reasons, first, it’s way too dark for summer, second, if you’ve looked up anything about this palette on the internet, you’ve probably heard that there are some issues with the pressing of the shadows resulting in huge amounts of fallout. I’m hoping they resolve this issue before I purchase it.

ABH Matte Lipsticks

I’ve been eyeing the colors Honey and Cool Brown but I can’t find any reliable swatches of these lipsticks. They seem to look wildly different in the few swatches that I have seen. Plus, I really can’t justify buying any more lipsticks at the moment. I’m completely enchanted by Anastasia’s marketing but that itself is reason to hold off.

Glossier Haloscope

I’m definitely obsessed with Glossier’s marketing too. I won’t say anything bad about their products because I own a few of them and might get more in the future, but I already bought so many highlighters this month I have no reason to hoard another. But my goodness I am craving this highlighter. It’s so pretty! And so subtle! And that packaging! So many reasons to get it but I truly don’t need it now.

Until next time!

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