Inspiration Board: Minimalism

My style inspirations follow a pretty predictable pattern. In the spring and summer I love flowy hippie-inspired clothing with lots of bright colors and loose, gauzy fabrics, and in the winter I’m inspired by minimalist fashion and black clothing. I guess I follow trends more than I’d like to admit but I’ve noticed I’m always just a few months ahead of the curve. I’m always looking one season ahead at all the lovely clothing and shoes and accessories that haven’t hit stores yet and I’m never enjoying the moment. I should work on that. Fashion zen haha. Dress for the now.

I suppose minimalism is having a moment right now, especially in fashion. It’s a nice break from all the bohemian/70s looks we’ve been bombarded with in the last few years. I think minimalist dressing is actually a lot of fun. If you really think about it, how many clothes in your closet do you actually wear? Maybe 10-20 pieces? And always carry one bag and wear 3 pairs of shoes? Most people dress pretty minimally already, we just hold on to the rest of our clothes “just in case.”

I’m really inspired by my grandmother’s commitment to minimalism because her house is like a work of art. I asked her about it once and she said, “It’s called growing up in the Great Depression and living your life poor. Back then there was no such thing as minimalism. You simply didn’t buy what you couldn’t afford or what wasn’t useful. Now I only buy what is useful or beautiful.” This really changed my mind about minimalism as being something necessary to realize what’s important in life, and not just an aesthetic.

I love Ivania Carpio of Love Aesthetics view on minimalism and the color white. She says people think she just exists in an all white prison desolate of any stimuli or energy, but she sees white as a canvas on which she paints her life. If something is covered in paint, color, or patterns, there’s nothing else to be added. But if something is all white, the possibilities are limitless.

I, too, find the color white inspiring. Not in a soft-pastel tumblr kind of way. You know the types, the ones that equate light skin and such with purity (Click here for more soft racism). I love the color white in an artistic way where it makes me feel inspired to make it into anything I want it to be. Below are some images I’m currently inspired by while constructing a fall wardrobe. Whites, dusty pinks, and soft greys.

What inspires you for fall? What palette are you currently using to construct your wardrobe?

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