Every so often we have to scrap what we’re doing and start over with new information.

I blog a lot during low points in my life. When I’m happy (or busy) I don’t think of updating any social media, really. Things have been hectic. I’ve been juggling the heaviest course load I’ve taken so far while dealing with the stress and culture shock of being in a foreign country. Who would have thought London would be so different? Even locals are surprised when I tell them just how different it is here compared to the United States. Sure we speak the same language, but everything is definitely foreign.

Over all, I am actually loving it here. I’m not having the typical party-abroad experience and I won’t be going to the continent but I’m hugely satisfied with how school is going.

With that little life update, I decided to stop trying so hard to market my blog and self. I realized that I avoid this blog like the plague because I don’t like writing about these subjects anymore. I want to narrow down my focus of writing and produce fewer, better things. I started blogging because it’s fun, but when I compare myself to others I realize that just trying to amass a huge number of followers by being something I’m not is the opposite of fun. So I’ll be going through here, deleting a bunch of old content again, and hopefully writing more posts that express what I’m really passionate about.

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