Here’s me in Scotland! November 2016

Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet! I’m Sierra and I’m a 20-something student blogging from Southern California. I started this blog back in 2015 when I decided to stop dreaming of the person I want to be and instead make that person a reality.

The Messy Minimalist is about intentionalism.

What is intentionalism? Beyond minimalism, it’s about mindfulness in every aspect of your life. It’s realizing you’re ready to live every minute of your life instead of watching it fly by.

My goal is to achieve my best life possible through mindful living. As I go through life, I realize how much of it has been spent on autopilot: mindlessly consuming media, neglecting my health, not taking college seriously, not questioning things as they are, and focusing too much on material things and not enough on what actually makes me happy. I struggled with major depressive disorder and panic attacks for ten years of my life until I found healing in spiritual reading and meditation. I’m constantly working to build an intentional life that looks good, feels good, and is easy on the earth.


Here I plan to share adventures in beauty, college, travel, and the search for spiritual fulfillment.

This blog is about a lost millennial on the cusp of adulthood. It’s about learning to coexist with people and the planet and finding deep, lasting happiness in an ever more chaotic world.

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