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I am now 22. The age where I’m no longer proud enough to post it in my “About Me” sections on social media. I have a lot of anxiety about aging and my youth and good looks fading. Apparently I’ve peaked and my physical beauty will start to drop exponentially every year from here on out (see a rebuttal here). Not to mention I’m 364 days away from the worst year of my life according to the internet (google it, there are dozens of articles on 23 being the worst year of your life because it’s a year of a lot of changes).

A friend in his 30s told me people have 4 or 5 mid-life crises through the course of their lives, and the first two are post high-school and post-college. I guess it’s pretty normal to be freaked out by the uncertainty of real adulthood. College is safe. I have a plan for the next few years. I have no plan after that.

I still have a lot of hope for the upcoming year and for my life. I’ve been making great progress spiritually and I’m excited for more. I’ve been putting my intention out into the universe and I know good things are coming. Sometimes the Force sends me small rumblings telling me the things I want are coming together, but more work is required on my part. Message received loud and clear; I have my academic plan together to achieve my five-year goals.

My birthday yesterday ended up being kind of a disaster but I think it will get better. I know it can and will. Happy 22nd to me!

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  • I felt the same year on my birthday this February.. I turned 23 then. I so like being young and having this energy inside me but I am getting older every day and I’m very aware of it. I have been having mental conflicts since I turned 23, or was it from 22.. but you’re right on that 🙂 I have been learning that age is really just a number and what I felt was basically just anxiety over ageing. Some people feel it, some don’t. Definitely not many people our age I think. Good luck to you and happy belated birthday!

  • Societal norms make us think that aging is bad but we have to tell ourselves that this is all B.S. Be true to yourself and I am so glad you are growing spiritually. I wish you all the best on your journey. Lots of love xoxo

    • Thank you for this. Everyone gets a little anxious about ageing but we have to learn to let go of the things we’re afraid of losing (our youth, good looks, etc.). Plus, there are plenty of old people out there still living their dream. You really are old once you decide you’re old. I love when people keep a youthful mindset and stay optimistic about life as they age.