2017 Resolutions

Happy end-of-2016! I figured I’d use my last post of the year to share my resolutions. You guys know I love making resolutions each year and reviewing them throughout the year. I think writing them out helps me follow through.

2015 was spent trying to find what I want to do. 2016 was spent getting my anxiety under control. I think I succeeded in both (sort of. I don’t know if I will ever really know what I want to do in life); I at least know where I want the next five years of my life to take me and I haven’t had a panic attack in almost a year!

There are a few habits that I’m still working on from last year: dress better, meditate more, stay grounded, stick to a healthy weight, etc. I did pretty well for last year! I am extremely satisfied with my body and weight, I think I can safely say meditation is now a daily habit, and I streamlined my closet so I love all of the clothes inside it.

Here are my 12 habits for the next year. I tried to narrow it to 12 so I can ideally accomplish one each month, though not necessarily in this order. 

Read 5 minutes a day.

…and hopefully finish 6 books by December. I usually read a lot. Each year I read at least 10 textbooks cover to cover in addition to essays and periodicals, but I don’t read a lot of books for pleasure. I waste an embarrassing amount of time on Netflix and Pinterest. I can at devote a few of those minutes each day to one of the dozen books sitting on my shelf.

Find work before February.

I’m still between jobs since getting back from my semester abroad. I hope to remedy this quickly.

Get a grip on spending habits.

I inherited emotional shopping and hoarding from my parents. My journey with minimalism is an attempt at gaining some control over this. I know no one is inherently good with money and that it has to be learned. I think I know the basics of being good with money, but I lack the discipline.

Have an emergency fund.

In addition to paying down some debts, I’d feel better if I had an emergency fund. I plan to grow it over the year.

Finish associate’s degree.

I’ve been working at this for roughly a year and a half. I thought I was closer to finishing than I am, but I was off by a semester. Either way, if I apply myself I can finish this year! I know it doesn’t mean I’m finished but it will be nice to have something to show for the many many years I’ve been studying. So much time has gone by since high school. So many of my friends are working on their PhDs and I’m barely in my second year. I lost so much time to depression and anxiety but I don’t want to focus on what’s lost. I can’t do anything about it because that time is already gone. All I can do is focus on what can be done now.

Transfer applications.

This was also something I was supposed to do last year, but I didn’t know until I met with a counselor that I was about a semester’s worth of credits off. But it will happen this year! And I can feel good things coming.

Visit a new national park/travel to one new place for a weekend.

I caught the travel bug in the U.K. (probably in Liverpool because it was the best haha) and now that I learned how to travel, I am itching to save money and go somewhere new! I think this year I’d like to go to Yosemite or the Grand Canyon but we’ll see where life takes me. I have some financial stuff to get together first. It will be a priority though! It goes hand-in-hand with getting a grip on my spending habits. Now that I know how great traveling can be, I want to spend my money on more experiences.

Attend a transformational festival.

These have become more numerous recently. I keep finding new ones and they all look like a lot of fun. There’s one in California next summer for women all about connecting with divine feminine energy. I’ve been interested in these festivals that are about meditation for a long time. I’d love to be around like-minded people and share energy and ideas.

Do a forward fold.

Literally the second yoga pose anyone learns after Mountain, yet I struggle with it. Even when I was super athletic and flexible I’ve struggled to touch my toes. I want to master basic yoga poses before I aspire to try the more acrobatic and flashy ones. I also just want to be flexible again. It’s weird to say, “When I was younger I used to be flexible,” when I’m only in my early 20s. I’m young now! I should maintain my fitness while I have it.

Do 10 good pushups.

This past summer while struggling to get a small bag into an overhead bin on a plane I realized I should build up some upper body strength. This was an issue even when I used to lift weights every day. Besides, I miss being bulky. I loved having strong, toned arms!

Two blog posts a month.

It sounds like so little, but it would be huge progress for me. I seriously lack consistency in my writing and so my to-write list just grows longer and longer. I noticed that writing on a blog has helped my academic writing! I need to learn to channel my energy and ideas into a single outcome. I’d like to make them a little shorter and more personal but I still have tons of pinterest-worthy advice posts to work on.

Make things happen.

The theme of 2017 is going to be manifestation. I started this blog as a way to track my progress in becoming the person I dream of being, but over the last two years that’s gotten lost. In day-to-day life it gets bumped to the back of my consciousness and forgotten. I’ve been meditating a lot since I first went to London and realized I have a problem with manifesting my ideas. I have no problem thinking creatively, but somehow none of that ever gets realized. I want to make things happen instead of just daydreaming about them every single day.

Happy 2017! Have a safe new year!

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